Dog Fooding Jekyll

In the past, I had always used Jekyll to blog. However, when I started doing other stuff, somehow, I ended up on Ghost. Why has escaped my memory, it was probably a shallow reason. And while I still help maintain quite a few blogs that are powered by Ghost (and even maintain a Ghost Docker image.) I have decided to move back to Jekyll and dog food what I help maintain, because it seems weird to maintain something I don’t even use, right? Well, technically I use it on a daily basis.

Over this weekend, I rebuilt my site in Jekyll and rebuilt the CSS from scratch (and just so you know, this design is based on the Velox design for Ghost, of which I have tweaked.) For those of you who are interested, I have made my repository open source at GitHub, added in a bit of Docker love and even showed people how I deploy with Docker to my own servers (well mostly, I leave some secrets, like my key!)

It actually feels very nice to be back on Jekyll for my own site, I feel like I’m back in my element because I can use the editor I use on a daily basis to edit and make my posts and now that I’ve decided to utilize some stuff we use with Docker and Jekyll on a daily basis, I’ve made it as simple as a Git push to get things done, which makes this an ultra for me, a I am happy to use on a daily basis